*a self-portrait illustration of myself

from 2008 until 2020.

Veronica Linti

Hi! I'm a Creative Designer and Illustrator.

As an artist and designer, most of my artworks are inspired by the things that I love. I admire stunning typography, eye-catching packaging (ooh that rhymes), perfect color combinations, smart copywriting, and beautiful illustrations. I found myself not able to resist products and advertising that are creatively designed and have a well-thought process. I believe that every design should be created in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the viewers while still be clear enough for them to understands it. Therefore, I highly value criticism and learn quickly from them.


Art has given me unspeakable joy that I hope others can feel as well. A lot of my personality is revealed through my works and I can never imagine doing anything else for the rest of my life.

I am genuinely curious about many things and always up to learn something new. Currently, I am learning the art of pottery. You can check @booq.jpg Instagram if you want to follow my art journey.

Apart from arts, I enjoy dancing, exploring new places, anything that involves adrenaline & nature, getting sunkissed (sometimes sunburned), rewatching movies, visiting art museums, playing with my baby corgi, and if I continue, the list will go on.

Proud member of The Women Who Draw.

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